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Back to Back to Back ICWL Champions!!!


A good link is a Parents Guide to Youth Wresting 

General Wrestling Scoring Procedures

Takedowns are scored when one wrestler brings his opponent down to the mat from a standing position and is considered having "control". Additional points are awarded when a wrestler takes his opponent directly to his back. Common takedowns include single legs, double legs, high crotches, headlocks, shrugs, fireman's carries, and many more.


Reversals are scored when a wrestler, controlled by his opponent on the mat, executes a move that allows him to assume a controlling position on top of the opponent, thus reversing the situation. Common reversals include switches and Peterson rolls.


Exposing an opponent's back to the mat is a scoring technique in all styles of wrestling. A wrestler must not only tilt the rival's back toward the mat, breaking a 90% angle, but also hold the back in this position to score points. Common "pinning combinations" include the half-nelson, arm bar, and cradle.


Escapes are scored when a wrestler, controlled by his opponent on the mat, frees himself and moves to a standing position, facing the opponent. Common escapes include the standup and the sit-out.

The 3 Periods of a Match

Generally all matches are 3 periods in length. A match will end when one wrestler scores a pin fall over another or time expires after the third period. Most of the tournaments that wrestlers will participate in will have three 1-minute periods. In some instances, they will be 1, 1-1/2 & 1-1/2, for a total match time of 4 minutes


Referee Signals

Health & Hygiene for CRWA wrestlers


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